Are you seeking agility in data processing?

Data accumulates at an ever-increasing speed in interior and exterior systems used by organisations, and this data should be easily available to support everyday decision-making. However, the diversity of this data is a challenge that results in grey hairs and palpitations during practically every data enrichment project. Does this sound familiar?

One effective solution that enables agile collection and synchronisation of data flows is Analytic Factoryby Houston Analytics. It offers a platform for new business services and frees organisations from infrastructure-related management and maintenance tasks. In addition to analytics, this cloud-based and cost-efficient service makes it possible to introduce real-time interaction and AI into business operations. In other words, a very effective solution for many needs.

Jack Welch, long-standing chairman and CEO of General Electric, once aptly said that there are only two sources of competitive advantage: learn more about your customers faster than the competition or turn what you learn about customers into action faster than the competition.

Fredman Group has understood this well. The vision of this forerunner in its field is to strive to create the perfect kitchen and to fight for the best flavours. The target of their new Chefstein turn-key service model for professional kitchens is to create information-based smart environments. Thus, Chefstein is an analytics partner for professional kitchens, whose operations are based on the Houston Analytic Factory. Click on the link below to read more about Chefstein.

Chefstein is excellent proof of how agile data processing can enhance services and create completely new business operations. Leave your data collection and synchronisation worries to us and discover the opportunities provided by data.