Armstrong One – a giant leap into a new marketing automation era

A few years ago, I was part of a project to acquire and implement a marketing automation tool, and my confidence, expectations and devotion were put to the test several times. Half of this “marathon” progressed pretty much as a normal IT project, in other words, painfully slowly for a marketing type – but it was completed within the promised release schedule.

However, the real challenge was the second half of the marathon – the implementation of the tool. The design, development, testing and implementation of customer paths did not always work out first time, despite our training. We had to learn from our mistakes. There was no other choice: The whole team knew that it takes more than a front-page ad in the main media or a TV advertising campaign these days. We had to provide the customer with a better and more individual service in a multichannel environment.

Fortunately for people like me, a huge leap has now been made into a new era of marketing automation. Houston Analytics, Danish marketing automation company Agillic and IBM have launched the Armstrong One pre-built service, which combines omnichannel marketing automation with real-time analytics. The service is offered directly from the cloud, and there is no need for a gruelling IT project. New omnichannel marketing, based on your customers’ individual needs, can be up and running within a few weeks. The pre-built model significantly reduces time, the need for personnel resources and stress. And who wouldn’t want to go from plan to action as quickly as possible!

The Armstrong One service’s pre-built concepts are easy to introduce. There is no need to start from nothing when you consider the customer path with its twists and turns. The most important thing is to identify your business need and select the concepts that best serve that need and the desired customer target group. You can start by trying it out and learning step by step. What is the best solution for you? To send those customers who abandon their shopping cart an optimised activation message from your selection, increase sales with a cross-selling selection or would another of the 24 automated concepts based on the customer path meet your needs better?

There is no need for large IT investments to implement the agile Armstrong One cloud service as it has a monthly subscription fee based on the number of concepts and customers. Everything progresses smoothly within the marketing budget and without the headache of an investment budget. Easy, without risk and fair.

Why not find out more and test it out?