An efficient tool for the data and report management required by the EU general data protection regulation

The new EU general data protection regulation that takes effect in May 2018 will change personal data management and related processes. The regulation does not mean that the use of personal data will end. Instead, the objective of the new requirements is to increase the trust of EU citizens regarding the appropriate processing of their personal data. The aim is that, by ensuring people’s right to their own personal data and the appropriate processing of this data, as many people as possible will feel confident enough to provide their personal data for use within the EU area, e.g. in cross-border online transactions.

People’s right to their personal data is at the core of the EU general data protection regulation. In practice this means that bodies processing personal data must report to the data subject (i.e. the citizen or customer), upon their request, any information that is stored in that body’s register on the data subject. Depending on the system and its complexity, the reporting process can be rather laborious.

Luckily there is a tool that not only makes the reporting easier but also allows for comprehensive and transparent maintenance of registers. Desired changes, deletions, and specifications can be made regarding individual customers or citizens and, where required, throughout the register.

The tool is called Cogniware GDPR Explorer.. This is a system that searches for both structured and unstructured data that can be classified as personal data in the company’s databases. In practice, data is collected from CRM, other internal systems, and various documents, after which data is identified, organized, and stored.

After this, only a few clicks of the mouse are needed to complete the report that is required by the EU general data protection regulation. By using Cogniware GDPR Explorer, you no longer need to worry about reporting requests.

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