Cogniware provides an overall view of customer relations and manages reporting obligations where required

Customer data is often scattered in various databases, making it extremely difficult to form an overall view of the situation: emails, .crm files, invoices, contracts... Collecting this data takes up a lot of valuable time that would be better spent on acquiring an overall view of customer relations to be used as background information for a meeting, for example. Luckily, the frustrating routine work is easy to outsource: the Cogniware tool completes the analysis automatically, systematically, and reliably

This is a system that searches for structured and unstructured data that can be classified as personal data in the company’s databases and files.In practice, data is collected from CRM, emails, other internal systems, and various documents, and after this the data is identified, organized, and stored.Cogniware also enables comprehensive and transparent maintenance of data throughout the entire register where required. An excellent help for everyone working at the customer interface.

The Cogniware tool is also useful from the GDPR point of view. GDPR or the General Data Protection Regulation takes data protection in the EU to a completely new level, aiming to ensure the rights of individuals to their personal data and the appropriate processing of this data. In practice, GDPR means that the bodies processing personal data must, for example, report to the data subject, upon their request, any information that is stored on them in that body’s register. Depending on the system and its complexity, the reporting process can be laborious. Cogniware is excellently suited to this challenge as well, i.e. it can be easily used as a GDPR reporting tool.

If you need to form an overall view of customer relations easily and quickly, check out the accompanying video!