Father of data mining Colin Shearer is the new Non-Executive Director of Houston Analytics

We are living in a digital revolution, so to be successful practically all companies need data to serve their business needs. Colin Shearer, the new Non-Executive Director of Houston Analytics since the beginning of the year, is a pioneer of data mining. He is the creator and architect of the award-winning Clementine system (now known as the IBM SPSS Modeler). Shearer, who had a long career at IBM, is now working with his partners to focus on his passion, which is the implementation of data-driven management practices in companies.

- Today, probably all organisations realise that running their business by "gut feel" won't give them the success they want. They have to ensure they can make the best possible decisions, based on hard evidence and reasoned intelligently. Big data and analytics are key to this - but organisations taking their analytical steps in this quickly realise that it's not just about throwing their data at some smart algorithms. Analytics-based decision making needs to be delivered at key points in the relevant business processes. That's where the whole analytics industry needs to go: seamless integration with business processes and the systems that support them, and the ability to easily scale not just with data volumes, but across the wide range of decisions every organisation needs to optimize, says Shearer.

- And of course the potential benefits don't end with optimising business performance. Today's - and tomorrow's - analytics hold huge potential in virtually every area of life, from healthcare through public safety to protecting nature and the environment.

- I've been hugely impressed with Houston Analytics ever since the company was founded. That's because of Houston's focus on applying analytics to give real and direct benefit - using Houston's skills and technologies to make advance analytics accessible, relevant, and geared towards getting quick wins for clients, while supporting the journey to applying knowledge-based decision making across the enterprise. I'm very excited to be working with Houston Analytics as they go from strength to strength as a leading analytics supplier, Shearer continues.

CEO of Houston Analytics, Antti Syväniemi, has worked with Colin Shearer for years. This cooperation has resulted in the establishment of the CRISP-DM process model throughout Northern Europe. The model was developed in a data mining project carried out by Colin and his working groups. CRISP-DM unites the understanding of business and data, which offers the most direct route to the goal.

- I am really proud that the world’s leading expert has joined our ranks. All of our clients in Northern Europe will gain extensive benefits as a result of this, says Syväniemi.