Houston Analytics joins the German-Finnish Chamber of Commerce

Houston Analytics is experiencing a strong period of internationalisation. Its market area currently covers the Nordic countries and the UK. Joining the German-Finnish Chamber of Commerce is a natural step towards the major German market.

“We offer companies solutions in predictive analytics, artificial intelligence and data-driven management and associated services directly from the cloud. In this way we can minimise the costs and risks of our client companies. Therefore, I believe that there is demand for our solutions in Germany. Membership in the German-Finnish Chamber of Commerce will increase our recognition and help us find concrete business opportunities,” says Antti Syväniemi, CEO of Houston Analytics.

A digital partnership project targeted to serve as a motorway to the digital market in Germany makes the membership particularly interesting from the viewpoint of Houston Analytics. The digital partnership project was launched by the German-Finnish Chamber of Commerce, the Association of German Chambers of Commerce and Industry DIHK, the Finland Chamber of Commerce and Technology Industries of Finland in 2016. The goal of this long-term project is to help Finnish companies enter the enormous digital market in Germany by bringing companies from both countries to the same table. Houston Analytics wishes to actively participate in these meetings and build long-lasting customer relationships.