Houston Analytics Web Data Collector - Web behaviour data easily and cost-effectively

Collecting and analysing customer-level behaviour data has become increasingly central to business operations in the digital age. The greater the coverage of identified customer data that you can collect and analyse from different channels, including websites, applications, and purchased and social media, the better equipped you will be to optimise customer communications and service.

Google Analytics, the leading analytics tool, is an easy way to start following and developing your website. But Google Analytics is a free service and like free services everywhere, the limitations of its capacity and features quickly become obvious when you are looking for in-depth customer understanding. Identity management and use of tracking tags are some of Google Analytics’ weaker areas. Another one is latency, or the delay from click to data availability. In practice this means that it is impossible to follow customers’ multichannel purchase paths. Google Analytics Premium is an improvement but its price tag keeps it out of reach for most.

A reasonably priced alternative is available with open source and cloud solutions. With Houston Analytics Web Data Collector, data is easy to collect from various sources and can be combined with brick-and-mortar data for a 360 view of customer relationships. It is light, agile and quick to implement. What is more, it stores data for later use, making it possible to perform trend and time series analyses as well as, for instance, seasonal analyses for campaign planning.

Shortcuts can take you far even in analytics, but deeper analytics will take you all the way to better customer service and competitiveness.

Lauri Larmo, Solution Architect, Houuston Analytics