Outsource your shelf-space optimisation to artificial intelligence

The right assortment of products and shelf-space optimisation are critical to the competitiveness of every store. So, how can you optimise your assortment and the shelf-space given to products so that they meet the needs of loyal customers as well as possible and also ensure good sales performance and earnings? Demand is becoming fragmented and more new products are flooding the market all the time, so this is getting harder each day.

The Shelf-space optimisation tool is a good solution.It is an analytics tool that synchronises datasets to optimise space one shelf module at a time. It uses product, new product, sales, customer, space, competitor and location data and also unstructured data that is available from customer service, for example.

The analysis takes into account both store- and chain-specific overviews. The shelf-space optimisation tool is based on the store layout and shelf modules, from product segments down to products, and it takes into consideration store-specific goals and focuses, and the assortment and order in which products are encountered. It would take a lot of blood, sweat and tears to do this manually. That is why you should let artificial intelligence do it for you.

The analysis will create detailed shelf images that are easy to use in actual shelf-stocking. You will no longer need to worry that something is missing from your assortment - you can just let the data guide your actions. Doesn’t this sound great?