Personalisation of digital services does not have to be based on registration

These days demanding customers want personal service, but they are also more cautious than before: the threshold for completing various types of registration of personal information has grown. Almost 90 percent of customers refuse to register for services or install applications before the service provider has gained their trust. So, in the digital world, trust is now even more important for companies. When this has been achieved, there is no limit to how deep the customer relationship can become.

However, it is possible to serve customers and deepen customer relationships without the customers’ active registration. Glome Oy offers a solution where customers do not need to register, which protects their identities. The service does, however, create a Glome ID for the customer, which can be used on the website in question. The ID makes it possible for a customer to easily resume unfinished online shopping, for example. The service allows a customer to be identified with the same Glome ID on various devices: the customer using the service simply sends a link, which will allow him to return to the service later on a selected device. So if the customer’s online shopping is interrupted on his mobile device, he can open a link on a desktop computer, which will identify him as the same customer and enable him to smoothly continue on the customer path irrespective of the device. The customer is free to choose where to use the Glome identification.

The Glome function is also useful in social purchasing: links can be shared and comments collected among groups of friends, or place reservations can be confirmed at the cinema. For a company using Glome, this “lightweight identification” means, above all, an opportunity to offer a better service that respects the protection of a customer’s identity and also provides a deeper understanding of the customer relationship: by analysing GlomeID data, companies can reach a new level of service regarding targeted communications and offering.

Three out of four internet users say they want to be able to control the use and distribution of their data. So now there is an option available that meets this customer need and also the EU’s new data protection requirements. Glome offers a solution which means that the customer is in charge of defining the level and extent of the identification, and this allows trust to be built gradually and based on good experiences.

Tommi Havukainen, CAO, Houston Analytics

Houston Analytics is an analytics company started by experts on data-driven leadership. By linking data to business decision-making Houston Analytics is guiding its customers to market leaderships in their industries.