Reaching the peak of analytics in four years

IBM has included Houston Analytics on its website as one of its three global IBM SPSS Modeler Partners. Being selected as a partner is an important acknowledgement of Houston Analytics’ ability to create added value for its customers through analytics. The company has helped customers in various sectors to improve their processes and benefit from data-driven management.

At the core of Houston Analytics is CEO Antti Syväniemi’s vision: analytics must be made an integral part of daily decision-making. As data flows grow, this is the only way to maintain competitiveness. Houston Analytics was founded in October 2013 for the purpose of achieving this vision.

The company’s breakthrough was a cooperation project with Valmet. Valmet acquired an IoT platform from Teradata and Houston Analytics integrated an analytics solution into the platform. With data collected from 6500 sensors the customer was able to predict maintenance needs and extend maintenance intervals and also reduce the risk of unscheduled stoppages. Houston Analytics’ clientele increased rapidly into different sectors: consumer staples, trade, finance, media and internal auditing.

Today, two things play an increasing role in Houston Analytics’ operations: cloud services and artificial intelligence. The first major AI application was introduced to the market at the beginning of 2017 in collaboration with the Danish software provider Agillic. This marketing automation tool fortified with AI is known as Armstrong One and it is currently marketed in Northern Europe and the UK.

“I believe that our AI and cloud service solutions will accelerate the company’s internationalisation. Currently, our new markets are Germany and the United States. The outlook is very positive,” says Antti Syväniemi, Houston Analytics’ CEO.

Houston Analytics’ leadership in analytics has received recognition before: IBM’s Choice Award and reaching the finals in EIT’s Digital Industry category stand testimony to the company’s international top-level expertise. Houston Analytics is also included in Forrester’s Customer Analytics Services Providers 2017 which is a report of the principal companies in the sector.

“It is wonderful that we have been able to prove that there is demand for Finnish analytics expertise around the globe. We are an agile company backed up by more than 20 years of passion for analytics and data-driven management. Our team is top-class,” says Syväniemi.

In the photo, Antti Syväniemi, CEO of Houston Analytics