The thread that links the information

In television series, crimes are solved by linking pictures of people on a wall-sized board with a piece of red thread. Numerous pins tell us about the people’s modes of operation and their connections to one another. The thing that Detective Inspector Poole in the TV series Death in Paradise failed to consider, though, was the IBM i2/Wex Bridge. I’m talking about the Watson Explorer data tool that is connected to the i2 analytics tool with Cogniware integration. Instead of having to spend time attaching the thread by hand, the i2/Wex can provide results in a short space of time.

i2 can help you find a needle in a haystack: key habits and modes of operation, and relationships and business between people. It can help you answer the questions who, what, where and why. It forms a so-called common thread between people in many different ways. i2 helps illustrate what kinds of connections people have, who knows the most people and how close their relationships are.

Wex does the hard work as it converts unstructured data into structured data. It goes through documents, and when they are structured they can be moved to i2, which analyses and creates information from them. Wex can form timelines and find the names of people, products and organisations, for example. Instead of having to do the work of many, you do not even need to open documents, as Wex takes care of that.

There can sometimes be huge amounts of information, but the idea is not to create “another Google”. I2 helps find the right kind of data and create the right kind of directory. As a whole, the i2/Wex bridge thus creates better analysis: Wex helps to structure data so it is easier to process and then this is put into i2 for analysis. It can help you catch the bad guys more efficiently.