WDC helps develop digital health care services

“Awareness of the potential of digital solutions in customer service is gaining wide interest in the public sector. One reason must be the fact that competition is quickly making its way to the public sector, too,” says Tuomas Törnqvist, the CEO of Kouta Media.

“Both the private and the public sector want to improve online customer service. To do so, they need better data on customer behaviour, and Google Analytics is the typical tool for improving customer understanding. Here, the challenge with Google Analytics is ownership of the data. Ownership is also a critical question in the financial sector, not just the public sector,” Tuomas says.

Kouta Media has selected Houston Analytics’s WDC (Web Data Collector) as its tool. WDC is a cost-effective solution for cookie-level data collection from various websites and services. Data is stored in the cloud at high precision for same-time and later use and allows continuous development, analyses, communications targeting and optimisation on the basis of customer needs.

“According to our experience, WDC is a very useful tool in health care where online services are now being intensively developed to prepare for the Finnish social welfare and health care reform. The more services are digitalised, the more important it is to understand customer behaviour. The data collected with WDC and the reports based on them make it possible to improve the customer-orientation of a service, help customers to find the information they need more quickly and to develop content,” says Tuomas.

When data ownership is a critical factor in developing customer service on a website, WDC is a superior and cost-efficient solution.