Web Data Collector – an easy and cost-effective way to collect web data

Collecting data from different channels – websites, applications, bought and social media – as comprehensively and efficiently as possible is on the agenda of a growing number of companies. Data is the cornerstone data-driven management, the raw material for the algorithms used in analytics.

Houston Analytics’ Web Data Collector (WDC) is an open-source based and cost-effective solution for collecting web data at the cookie level. With WDC, data is easy to collect from different channels to produce a 360 customer view. The data can also be combined with data from conventional brick-and-mortar stores.

A clear advantage of WDC over its most common competitors is its price, which can be as low as a third of the price of alternative products. Unlike free software, WDC has all the necessary capacity and features. Data is stored in the cloud at a high level of detail for real-time or later use, enabling analyses, precise targeting, scoring and optimisation, raising the precision of marketing to whole new level, for example.

The newsletter of an on-line store is a good way to showcase the added value of WDC. When the content of a newsletter sparks the interest of a customer, he enters the store and WCD identifies him with the help of a cookie. Customers can be linked with their past history on the website and the store can offer them optimised and targeted content. The shopping behaviour of different types of customers can also be modelled, which helps to improve the newsletter to better meet individual customers' needs. This is possible because with WDC, the customer path can be tracked at high degree of detail.

In business, time is often critical to both sales and costs. Speed is one of WDC’s principal advantages. Collected data is available for use in 1 to 15 minutes, depending on the need, enabling real–time cross-channel action.

Data collected into WDC is not transferred or sold to outsiders and is only available to the customer who collects it. This helps to retain consumer customers’ trust at a time when the new EU General Data Protection Regulation is raising concern among customers about the use of their data and associated risks.

The cherry on top is that WDC is very simple to integrate with reporting systems that are already in place. This makes the implementation process very smooth from collecting data to taking action on it.